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Let’s Be Brutally Honest

Look, let’s be honest with one another. You’re not flossing every day, are you? If you’re skipping the flossing portion of your morning routine you’re missing out. I mean, you’re missing out on actually cleaning your teeth.

The crowns of your teeth have 5 surfaces: front / back, in / out, and the top biting surface. If you’re skipping 2 of those, that’s 40%, ALMOST HALF, of your teeth that aren’t getting cleaned. That’s like going to the bathroom and only wiping the left side!

So, I’m sure I’ve convinced you that DAILY FLOSSING IS A MUST.

How to Floss Correctly

Sure, everyone SAYS they know how to floss, but do you REALLY know how to floss correctly?

Many of my patients complain they can’t reach the back of their mouth with the floss because they can’t open wide enough or their fingers are too big. That’s because they aren’t holding the floss correctly.

Most people wind the floss around each of their pointer fingers. You need to cram a few more fingers in your mouth if you do it that way.

Try winding the floss around your middle fingers instead. I know, it feels kind of weird the first couple times. With the floss wrapped around your middle fingers, your pointer fingers are freed up to guide the floss in between your teeth. Yes, even all the way in the back.

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